Monday, February 4, 2013

Canada ice trip part 3

A final post about the Canada trip with pictures from the last days.

Day 12 - Bow Lake Headwall
Two short, but nice lines and a very cold day out (-27 celcius).

Bow Lake Headwall

With or Without You


Day 13 - Lake Louise Falls
Day 14 & 15 - Skiing at Mosquito Creek and Roger's Pass

Day 16 - Weeping Wall

Day 17 - Polar Circus
After having soloed the approach pitches together I decided to continue to the top alone and wait for Sam and Niko up there--a pretty stupid decision in hindsight. I got completely soaked on the last pitch, but luckily it was a sunny day and I managed to stay warm while waiting

Day 18 - Cineplex
A nice display of force by Niko on Musashi. Apparently a big block had recently fallen off the route making it more difficult. On his second go he clipped the last draw but dropped his ice-axe and couldn't finish the climb up the ice.


Sam on Musahi

Me trying to fight my illogical fear of overhanging sport climbs

Day 19 - Stairway to Heaven

Day 20 - Haffner Cave
Our last day and we were pretty tired after 9 days of consecutive climbing and skiing.

Caveman? (we didn't have a topo)

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